One through Five


I think that you can see where you are headed best, if you know where you have been.  The ability to learn from mistakes is an overlooked essential for growth.  Each guy on here was at some point my passion, and he at some point changed me in a way that will affect the following people in my life.

No I do not claim that I have only dated 5 guys, but these represent the guys that I told I wanted more in life with, and for a time we were committed to each other.

Kevin the first in the line of Mrs. Leffler's. Went to WKU together, meet him on my 19th birthday 8-20-97. It was my first class in college, I decided to sit behind the cutest boy I saw...and over a few months and him turning me down all the time he finally conceited that yes...we'd make a cute couple..even if I wasn't the girl he had been looking for. Once he came to visit me in Louisville over a weekend when I had to work...what do you think I did?????but quit my job so I could spend those extra hours with him. Dated just under 2 yrs, then he dumped me....(temporary insanity?)....cause he figured out he was really str8. He still lives in Bowling Green, and his new boyfriend BJ is a sweety. Still hangout when time allows. Always love him too..unfortunately for Kevin...he'll never live up to be the man that my imagination made him into over these years since the breakup, no one can.

Josh cutie...dated just for a month...good relationship lives in San Diego now. Only boyfriend I've had that was as politically minded as me, and as strong We'll never smoke weed that once that's when I dumped him and started talking to the cat. Almost got into a fist fight at a student conference where lesbians had to separate us. Probably a mistake on my part dumping him to go back to Kevin. :-( Kev is great and all..but Josh was ready for a relationship...and if it isn't broke...don't fix it. Oh well....we learn...or do we? Didn't date long enough to really figure out love...but if he moved back to KY, I think I'd be after this one.

Brandon- Ahh.....what can be said.  Just like an old story, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  We had massive high points, and extremely hectic lows.  If we had found a middle ground between maybe it would have lasted.  But a three year stint for both of us in this relationship boot-camp leaves both of us more educated on how to do things better for the next.  Glad we were together, glad we aren't together.

Anson was the 4th and final new comer to the list. GREAT relationship never a problem...that's probably why we didn't workout so well? ( remember Josh) Who knows?...lives in Lexington, still a great cute guy...hardly ever talk to him anymore. I guess getting all the attention and affection I wanted was to much, so I went back to Brandon to linger in a relationship that can be summed up in a word...disappointing. Sometimes we don't see what we have...and go for what is comfortable.  Interestingly this was the shortest relationship I had.

  hh Derrick - It was 6 months of what I thought to be bliss.  Now 6 months after it ended I've learned  there are people out there you simply can't remain near.  As constructive as I thought we were together we've proven to be destructive to each other apart.  I wish him the best, and hope we maintain the distance that we now have.  Honestly, the distance we now have is the same as we apparently had beforehand.  It is possible that through your love for a guy, you hope you never see him again.

Number 6 hopefully wont be as troubled as the past ones. I hope I learned from them all. Each one taught me something...Kevin taught me romance, Josh was support and following dreams, Brandon when to learn to be mature and stand by what you want for each other, Anson when to let your guard down and not expect disaster, and Derrick to make sure you and your partner are both in the same stage of life and know what is out there.  (not much)   I was blessed over these past few years...thanks all.  Honestly wish each of you the best, and the happiness we once thought we could offer each other.