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means (Gift of the Lord)
lives: Louisville, KY
circa Aug 20, 1978

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"Dance like no one is watching, love as if your heart was never broken, sing as if no one is listening, and live life like it is heaven on earth!"
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Welcome aboard I'm your cruise director and we are setting sail for a voyage of understanding and reason to a guy I have never understood, myself. I like to think that your here cause your interested in knowing who stands behind the smile, if not then maybe you are an exclusive few that already know. If your from AOL you may notice I am not there anymore, I have noticed there isn't much in this virtual world, more substance outside of this box.

Why do I have this page? I like to communicate, one of the most frustrating things to me is the lack of communications. Plus if a picture is worth a thousand words I am sparing you a lot of rambling by plastering my face on here. So why not have a spot where you explain yourself, and allow the reader to hear your self-narrative? So I suppose that's just what this is, a guided tour of who I am, what I believe, where I've been, and where I wanna go. I often meet people who haven't a clue where they have been or what is ahead, by putting this all together I remind myself who I want to be.

As the site is brought up to where I am now in life there will be greater use of the functions to the left. Obviously Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will this web page be.

After all, it is glimpse of who I am, and I am ever changing with new experiences, and touched by the collisions of life with the people I meet.


" Let the love of art, literature and above all music enter into our lives." - Teddy

"Want to be with me? Let me show you that I love you. Want to be with me? You'll be stronger, I will hold you. If you want to be with me." - Da buzz, Wanna be with me

This page is ALWAYS under construction!

The Way - Divine Inspiration
"From the tears and the pain, and the fears of the rain. From the dark to the light you were the one shining bright...Put your hand in my hand let me show you the way and you will understand. I will show you the way."

Las Vegas 03

Clubbing 2001

Me at Allison's wedding