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Debating with a friend

means (Gift of the Lord)
lives: Louisville, KY
circa Aug 20 1978

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Matt Abridged
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Official Marital Status Ex-Boy Friends in Review
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My Fake College MLSC!!!

Matt's Links / Interests

MattLinks - the page - me and some friends started this one night when bored. - a dream I followed.
WKU Lambda - friends I made and supported
Google Matt - what others have said.          University of Louisville - my planned education
City of Louisville - my home, born and raised.

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Matt's Friends Sites

*just started this list so email me and remind me if you have a homepage.


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The Way - Divine Inspiration
"From the tears and the pain, and the fears of the rain. From the dark to the light you were the one shining bright...Put your hand in my hand let me show you the way and you will understand. I will show you the way."


LINKS OF SOME INTEREST: prices on computer parts

Download-a site where you can download almost anything

Kazaa-a place where you can download anything. Check out Kazaa Lite also.

Fake Colleges-print a degree if you've been working hard

Google-search till your hearts content

Webfaith-a site some friends and I made and forgot the password too

HotorNot-where you can test your confidence

Smile Pop-cute little animated messages you can send others.

University of Louisville - my school



Me and Cleo

LLas Vegas March 03

Matt doing the club thing

Matt out with friends

My sister's wedding

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