Matthew's Friend Pictures from Over the Years


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Photo Gallery 1

Below I have placed pictures of events and people who may not be apart of my life today, but were at some point.  They still shape me today in some level, and I appreciate the times we shared.


Illegal drinking party in the dorms 1998

Florence, my sis and her husband. (Thunder 2001)

Thunder 2001

Club X

Chilling at the park 2001

At the DOC


Ol' pals in my kitchen (Thunder)

Thunder crew 2001

Tired after a long night

Thunder crowd 2000

Heading to the boat race in 2000

Dancing with friend on the box

The Leffler Administration of WKU with a reporter

Matt and Liz at WKU

James and I

Friends on the dance floor

Matt in Las Vegas being carried off to the wedding chapel